Our Services


Devaang Ventures Capital offers comprehensive financing services that cater to all your funding needs. The synchronous growth in global investors has resulted in building a team of experts who can source your funding either from banks or private equity funds. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge, we assist developers in procuring funds for land acquisition and construction of the project. The funds sourced are structured efficiently with the sole aim of maximizing returns and reducing costs.

At Devaang Ventures Capital, we believe in ensuring transparency at every stage of the transaction and devise strategic solutions that help to fulfill the goals of our clients.


Owning a property has become the status symbol, but the changing scenario and shifting property trends have resulted in assisting our investors in making the right decisions and helping them strike a lucrative deal. Devaang Ventures Capital leverages its expertise to its clientele for buying their dream abode according to their budgets. The vast spectrum of our clients seeks our advice for land identification, analysis of property sites, and other issues about the buying and selling of a property. Our core team of experts helps the investor and owner in achieving their goals timely and in a cost-effective way. We equip our clients with our in-depth research analysis which ultimately guides them to make a right decision


Devaang Ventures Capital offers financial support to its clients looking to purchase a property, plot, or construct their own house

We provide home loans at lower interest rates with minimal documentation. Our peerless team of financial experts makes your home buying easy and gets your loan sanctioned within a few days, unlike banks which take a long time to process it. We have tie-ups with all leading financial institutions to assist you in availing loans & finances at a smarter value and better rates and believe in maintaining strict confidentiality.


Your journey to reach great heights is filled with roadblocks and Devaang Ventures Capital truly believes in assisting you to overcome all the problems by providing real support. We understand how your property plays a crucial role in shaping your dreams and desires and therefore through our loan against property scheme we offer you liquidity in hand which is tantamount to the loan you require to fulfill your personal and business needs.

Our unparalleled team ensures the best available mortgage rate in the industry for your commercial or residential property, unlike the other market players who often provide less property valuation.

Our smooth process with minimal documentation ensures a stress-free experience for every customer. We uphold the strong values of ethics, integrity, and transparency at every stage of the transaction to fulfill the needs of our clients.


Devaang Ventures Capital ensures to take every step for your dream abode and to bring you closer to it we offer spectacular end-to-end services. Our top-notch designers work on your requirements and deliver a cohesive design space under your desired budget.

We make sure that the furnishing of your house is in the hands of talented and reliable professionals. We have a collaboration with the leading designing experts who can transform your home or office interiors into an incredible one.

They create interiors that truly reflect your personality.We at Devaang Ventures Capital, have successfully executed the designing needs of our clients at a better market price with dedication and commitment.


Owning a property is not enough. The property that you own is a summation of your lifelong hard work and savings. Hence, protecting your property from unforeseen calamities and risks is equally important as owning it. Safeguard your property under our Property Insurance Plan. Our uniquely designed plan consists of a quick streamlined process with less paperwork and better value. It can help you cover your losses that would have left uncovered. So what are you waiting for? Let Devaang Ventures Capital give the desired protection your property deserves. Get the best property insurance quote for your home, residential property, and more


Investment in real estate has the potential to change your lives. It has been the most preferred investment option over the years for investors. It offers higher returns than the traditional investment option. But realty investments come with certain risks and often people get carried away by their lucrative benefits. Devaang Ventures Capital helps investors and end-users in making the right investment which offers a higher return on investment and ensures that the property investment fetches good income. Our experienced professionals conduct market research, check market rates, papers and weigh the risk factor associated with the investment so that there are no legal hurdles later. We offer different types of investment options to benefit you in the long run.

Pre-Launch of Premium & Luxury Projects

This form of investment offers you to invest in a property that has not been launched in the market. The idea behind this form of investment is to seek benefit through price appreciation as the project develops gradually. We assist you to make a safe and secured investment by reviewing all the details of the project and the developer.

Bulk Deals in Premium & Luxury Projects

Bulk investment in Premium projects increases the ROI as you are benefited from the pricing structure that the developer offers due to the investment made in bulk. Through this deal, we ensure that our client gets the highest Investment Return Ratio

Big Corporate Property Deals

Investment in big residential property is another flourishing investment opportunity, wherein we ensure that the property location and size help you in making a great amount of profit through rental income.

All our strategic solutions are backed by a transparent and ethical process. Leverage our expertise to make your future and investment rewarding